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Today we want to talk to you about which are the foods that have a long expiration date, and therefore, we can keep them in our pantry for longer. Believe it or not, some can last for months or even years. And we also want to take the opportunity to explain what the difference is between the expiration date and the best before date.

When buying food, the usual thing is to look at the expiration date to know how long you can consume that product. In fact, some supermarkets do is lower the price of those who are about to expire in order not to have to discard them. Organize the fridge so that the products closest to expiration occupy advanced positions is one of the tips not to waste food at home.

All foods, in general, have to indicate on their label the date of minimum durability or preferential consumption or, where appropriate, the expiration date. Only some are exempt from this requirement, such as wines, alcoholic beverages, cooking salt or vinegars. However, both terms are often misleading.

Differences between preferred consumption and expiration date

The consumption date Preferential indicates the time until which the food is still preserve quality planned. After that date they can be consumed as indicated by the OCU, as long as the storage instructions are respected and its packaging is not damaged. However, you may be able to start lose flavor and texture.

This is found in a wide variety of chilled food, frozen, desiccated (like pasta, rice, etc.), canned and other foods (vegetable oil, chocolate, etc.).

For its part, Date of Expiry indicates the time until which the food can be consumed safely. Once the date has passed, we can put our health at risk.

Appears in all perishable food, but especially you have to pay attention when it comes to fresh food like fish or meat.

In addition to fixing the date, once these products are opened it is important to follow the storage instructions. Normally it is specified that they should be kept in the Fridge. The way to extend the conservation, beyond the expiration date, is by freezing them. Here you can see some tips for freezing and thawing food.

However, it must be taken into account that there are also foods that can be stored for long periods of time. It is even said that they never expire, as long as they are properly preserved.

Foods with a long expiration date

There are foods that we can turn to even if decades have passed. These do not lose properties, nor are they attacked by bacteria that can make them dangerous.

Some of the most famous evergreen foods are Salt, the sugar, the spices, the coffee wave honey. But they also stand out for having a long expiration date on rice (except the integral) and the pasta, the vegetables and the distilled beverages. But are not the only ones.

Pure dark chocolate

Pure dark chocolate pearls

You can keep your nutritional properties during several years, if it is not subjected to thermal fluctuations and meets specific temperature and humidity requirements. The chocolate bar should be stored in an environment that ranges between 15ºC and 18ºC, with low humidity.

It is not advisable to store it in the refrigerator, as the cold and humidity can stimulate the growth of bacteria.

Canned fish

Canned fish

The special conservation treatment known as sterilization to which they are subjected, turns canned food into a safe and unalterable food in time, as long as the container stay closed Y airtight.

Nowadays you can find any type of fish and even shellfish in cans: squid, mussels, octopus, sardines … for their optimal preservation, the only ones that need cold are anchovies.

The time that a canning can be kept in ideal conditions is between 4 and 6 years. It can even be safely extended when it comes to certain products packed in oil.


Bowl with olives

They are considered a cured food, so they keep perfectly a couple of years, if they are well preserved. In the case of cans of olives, you would have to follow the directions of the boats, but they usually have a expiration of three years.

Pasteurized yogurt

Due to the thermal process to which they are subjected, pasteurized yogurts present a greater stability than classic yogurts over time. its useful life It is Several months (about 210 days), a figure almost ten times higher than that of traditional yogurts (28 days).

Also, this type of yogurt they do not need to be kept refrigerated to keep its qualities intact.

Soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and wasabi

Soy sauce

Because of his high acidity and the large amount of Salt that includes, soy sauce is a condiment that lasts for many years, even if it is stored out of the fridge.

The vinegar It is used on many occasions to preserve other foods because it has a concentration of acetic acid in water greater than 3%. This constitution prevents bacteria and other microorganisms from settling and reproducing, making it a Non perishable food.

Another resistant ingredient is wasabi. The spicy is a great preservative, since it repels all kinds of bacteria, also preventing their reproduction.

Vanilla extract

Being made with alcohol and natural vanilla it never loses its flavor, nor the nutritional properties. This is so when the vanilla is natural since the artificial one is much more perishable and will only last a few months in good condition.


Pot with corn flour

If stored in a cool, dry and airtight place, it can last for an unlimited time. Something that also affects its star ingredient, the corn, if you also follow the requirements that we have discussed.


Nuts without expiration date

It has always been said that nuts do not expire. They can lose their flavor, aroma, texture … When a dried fruit is not well it is noticed immediately because it will seem that they are stale. The packages always put an expiration date, but they can be consumed after that date.

Olive oil

Olive oil

It can be kept for up to two or three years, although it is important to bear in mind that it probably loses aroma and density, although its nutrients never.

Like spices, the organoleptic properties they end up looking deteriorated with the passage of time, so it is recommended not to keep it for a long time in the pantry, even if it is fresh and without humidity.


Jam jars with long expiration date

It is usually recommended consume it within the next three or four months of acquiring it. However, they have an expiration date that can reach two years.

Did you know that all these foods and products have such a long expiration date? You can leave us your opinion through the comments.




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