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Hello Cocinacas! Today we want to talk to you about currants, a type of red fruit that has many healthy properties and that are very versatile in the kitchen, since they can be used in many recipes.

As you know, through our food section we want to introduce you to all those that we consider especially beneficial for health. Red fruits, for example, stand out for their multiple nutrients. We have already told you about blueberries or the benefits of eating strawberries.

However, gooseberries are possibly the least known and least consumed. They grow in the gooseberry, a very rustic shrub and resistant to winter cold, however, it does not support excessive heat well in the summer months. For this reason, they are usually found in hills and mountains. In Spain, they are grown in the north, mainly in Asturias.

In case of planting a currant, the best time is from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter, since the berry ripening takes place in summer (especially August and September).

They are characterized by presenting a intense and translucent color, in addition to growing grouped in small clusters. exist three varieties, the red ones, the white ones and the black ones.

Three varieties of gooseberries

Gooseberry properties

Gooseberries are a low-calorie type of fruit: 100 grams provide about 56 calories. This makes them an ideal food to include in weight loss diets.

They also stand out for being an excellent source of vitamins, especially C. Surpassing oranges, as they contain 42 mg. Red and black currants have traditionally been used to lower fever, thanks to the action of vitamin C. And they also provide good amounts of Vitamin A, minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and protein.

Among their nutritional values ​​they also have a high amount of fiber. One cup provides 6.5 g of fiber.

All this benefits our health since these small berries help to improve the intestinal transit, prevent constipation, urine infections and serious diseases like colon cancer.

They fight the anemia for their amount of iron and are an excellent food antioxidant. This slows down cellular aging, reducing the negative effect of free radicals and helping to prevent the formation of cancer.

The black, in addition, stands out for its content in substances of bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action, alleviating food poisoning.

Last but not least, the consumption of gooseberries strengthens the immune system, improves circulation and thanks to its high potassium content, it helps to maintain a good state of the nervous and muscular system.

How to use them in the kitchen

Waffles with currants

Despite their fragile and delicate appearance, they can be kept in optimal conditions for consumption for two to three weeks if they are placed in the refrigerator without washing. However, it is advisable to wash them before tasting. What’s more, allow freezing not altering its flavor, fragrance or texture.

The best time to consume them fresh is during the months that are in season, that is, the summer months but mostly August and September. It is not very common to take them alone due to their acidity but it can be consumed fresh, accompanying other foods.

For example, it can be included in some salad recipes, in a Macedonia accompanying other fruits included from the forest or with yogurt.

They are also used as an acid sauce in hearty dishes of red meat. They combine perfectly like Garrison of a plate of roast beef, lamb or some game meats. They can also be added to a risotto during the final buttering phase, as they will add color and freshness to the dish.

In desserts and sweets, currants are the ideal ingredient to play the contrast of sweet-acid flavors, that is why they are delicious when accompanied by pancakes, waffles, cookies or muffins.

They are also frequently used to complete the decor of certain desserts, thanks to their attractive bunches and berries. Or they are incorporated as an ingredient, in the form of jelly or compote, in cheesecakes and ice cream.

Another of the most appreciated preparations based on red currants is the jelly.

And, in addition, with this delicious fruit you can also make drinks. The currant juice It is traditionally used in natural medicine as a remedy to lower fever but can also be part of smoothies, teas, refreshing drinks and spirits.

Did you know all the uses that gooseberries can be given in the kitchen? Tell us through the comments how you usually take them and also if you would like us to publish a recipe with gooseberries.

Take advantage of the months of August and September to enjoy them and if you do not remember that you can freeze them.



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