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Today we want to talk to you about medlars, also known as merlas in some areas. They are an orange fruit, with excellent properties and health benefits. In addition, they turn out to be very versatile in the kitchen, so it is worth knowing more about them and enjoying all their flavor in spring.

Knowing all the foods that surround us and their properties is not easy, that is why we like to introduce you to all those that can be easily found in the markets and that you may have never been encouraged to buy them due to ignorance.

In the case of medlars, these stand out for being an ideal fruit to take during all stages of life, due to their nutritional properties. In addition, they have a sweet flavor with a slight acid touch, very tasty.

It is a species native to China, although from there it spread to Japan, and later to Europe during the 18th century. It reached Spain through merchant seamen, specifically Sagunto (Valencia), more than two thousand years ago. From there it spread throughout the Levante and the southeast of the Peninsula, where it adapted very well to the citrus growing areas. Currently medlars have Appellation of origin in Callosa d´En Sarria (Alicante), although they are also grown in Granada and Malaga.

As it is a fruit with a skin that is very sensitive to friction, these are manifested as brown areas that do not affect the taste but do affect the appearance, so it is grown commercially under mesh.

Their striking orange color of the fruits and their abundance have made them known as the beauty fruit. Also thanks to its properties, which we will talk about below as well as its uses in the kitchen so that you can enjoy them to the fullest.

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Properties and benefits of medlars

Medlar trees stand out above all for being satiating. They are high in pectin, a type of soluble fiber which provides a feeling of satiety when swelling and helps us feel full for longer. For overweight or obese people who want to lose weight and diet to lose weight it can be a help.

It is also a very good fruit for protective effect on the gastrointestinal tract, being especially beneficial for people who have a delicate stomach. And they are diuretics, so they help prevent or improve fluid retention by eliminating those that we store extra in our body. In addition, through the urine the waste products that are generated in our body are eliminated and also the uric acid accumulated. That is why medlars are very interesting especially for people with gout, and at the same time they help take care of the kidneys.

Being an important source of vitamins B1, B2 Y C, loquats are recommended for take care of skin and hair from inside. In addition, they help take care of the liver and promote its correct operation, as well as the view thanks to the carotenes provided by this spring fruit. Its consumption helps to delay or prevent degenerative diseases of this type.

Finally, this fruit can have a very positive effect in helping to prevent or improve diabetes cases. This is because they have a lowering effect on blood glucose levels.

Uses in the kitchen

The optimum point of maturity and, therefore, the medlar season It is in spring, the perfect time to enjoy all its flavor and its many benefits. In fact, if it is not consumed in its optimal state of maturity, it can be acidic and indigestible. In addition, to take better advantage of the flavor and all its properties, they should be consumed during this season and should be ecological production, to avoid pesticide residues.

As we mentioned at the beginning, loquats are a delicate fruit that does not withstand low temperatures well, so it is not advisable to keep them in the fridge.

They are usually eaten natural, mainly as dessert, mid-morning fruit or as a snack. But it is also very common to do with them jams or jams and keep them canned to enjoy them throughout the year.

They also look great when included in dressings and in some sauce recipes, in sweets, roasts or to prepare delicious salad recipes.

Did you know loquats? Tell us through the comments if you usually eat them naturally or if you prepare some elaboration with them. You can also tell us what recipe you would like us to publish with this tasty and beautiful fruit.




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