The 10 seasonal fruits to eat in November – Easy and Simple Home Cooking Recipes


Hello cookers! Do you also think that time passes very quickly? Because we are already in November and the autumn advances unstoppable. The hours of sunshine are reduced but we can say that we begin one of the months of the year with more seasonal fruits. Today we want to show you which are the seasonal fruits to eat in November, naturally and in some recipes.

Knowing the foods that are given in each season helps you eat healthy and feel better. The body needs to adapt to the changes of season and for this reason, as the days go by, it will ask us for warm and energetic foods. Thanks to the seven healthiest vegetables essential for this fall, we will have good defenses and energy, along with the seasonal fruits that we will see below.

Also, buy season products it is a guarantee of quality, freshness and flavor. They are natural, much tastier and maintain all their nutritional values. They are also considered organic products Because they do not contain chemicals or artificial substances so that they are preserved for a longer time, they mature at the right time. They go practically from the garden to the table, that is why it is also said that they are kilometer zero products and their transport and distribution also favors the care and respect for the environment. All this makes them also cheaper products than those bought out of season. They promote a fairer and more supportive economy, thus favoring the local agriculture.

Each of the seasonal fruits to eat in November have properties and will provide you with benefits that are worth knowing. Do you want to know what they are and learn how to cook some recipes with them? Keep reading and we will see one by one.


green and red apples, seasonal fruits to eat in November

They are a classic of seasonal fruits to eat in November. We saw them within the seasonal fruits of September but this month they are added new varieties. The truth is that sometimes it is difficult to choose which ones, between green apples or red apples. Or better yellow?

Any apple is rich in Vitamin C and in the kitchen they are a very versatile food. With it you can make recipes for salads, desserts such as the classic apple pie or used to prepare sauces, stews, compotes, jams or an apple smoothie. And we can’t forget about the cider, Asturian or Basque.


Along with apples, the pear is a fruit par excellence of the month of November and the same thing happens to them. The Conference pear, the Comice, the Williams and other fall varieties displace the typical summer water pears.

They stand out for their great contribution of vitamins, its high amounts of potassium, its great presence of fiber and it helps our cardiovascular health.

With them you can prepare, for example, a pear and mushroom salad, a pasta dish with pear and blue cheese or a pear cake filled with chestnut cream, so typical also in this month.


The best months to enjoy all the flavor and benefits of grapes are september to december. It is the fruit chosen to end the year and in addition, we accompany them with a glass of champagne or cava, whose main ingredient is also grapes.

In addition to highlighting because they have excellent beneficial health propertiesWe can incorporate them into our meat dishes to give them a citrus touch, for example if we make a roast chicken with grapes. They can also be consumed in the form of healthy snack and incorporate them into our breakfast or snacks.


The pomegranate season is short, september to november. It is a fruit rich in water and with very few calories. Among its many properties, it stands out for the large amount of antioxidants it contains and its anti-inflammatory properties.

To eat it, we can add it raw as in this endive salad with pomegranate or prepare nutritious and healthy juices with it.


Persimmon, one of the seasonal fruits to eat in November

It is another of the fruits with a very short season, october to december, that’s why you have to take advantage of it. In addition, it is curious because it has several names and even spellings: khaki, kaki, persimón, mancaqui or rosewood.

For what it does stand out is for its properties, especially for being a fruit rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. Due to its mild and sweet flavor, it can be a great dessert or it can even be part of a succulent dish such as these oatmeal porridge with persimmons and turmeric.

Custard apple

It is one of the most unknown fruits in greengrocers and yet Spain (specifically Malaga and Granada) is the leading producer of custard apple of the world.

Its white and sweet meat is a delicacy. To consume it, it is best to wait for its exterior to blacken because that will mean that it is already ripe. In addition, it has a high content of match Y vitamins A and C, among other properties.


Its consumption during this time of year is ideal for prevent colds, since its main nutrient is vitamin C. This is one of the 7 properties of kiwi for health.

The green of its interior, its flavor between acid and sweet and its texture are so pleasant that this fruit goes perfectly in a salad, a fruit salad, in an orange and kiwi sponge cake.


The earliest mango varieties begin to be tasted in August and their season ends in November.

It is the tropical fruit that can be tasted in all formats: juice, smoothie, ice cream, mousse … It can be eaten as a piece of fruit in a salad or simply sprinkled with a little lemon juice (another of the seasonal fruits to eat in November), with a pinch of salt.

Critical fruits: tangerines, kumquats and lemons

Kumquats or Chinese oranges
Kumquats or Chinese oranges

Citrus fruits will become more varied and sweet as the season progresses. The mandarins will be less and less green, and at the end of the month we may already see the first oranges. What you can enjoy is also the kumquats or Chinese oranges (a very small variety of orange that can be eaten with the skin, fine and tasty, which allows you to take better advantage of its abundant fiber and take advantage of all its vitamin C) and good lemons.

Other seasonal fruits to eat in November

The bananas and even avocado, they are still in their best moment and we can also include the quinces.

Isn’t it a month with a great variety of seasonal fruits? Now that you know what they are, write down the ones you like the most on your shopping list and enjoy them.

In addition, we would love to know what they are so you can write to us through the comments. Also if there is a special recipe that you would like us to publish with any of the seasonal fruits to eat in November.


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