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Hello Cocinacas! Did you know that there are more than 100 types of lettuce in the world? In Spain it has been a long time since we discovered that there are other types, in addition to the classic iceberg lettuce and depending on the dish that is going to be prepared, it is convenient to use one type of lettuce or another. Through this article, today we want to show you which are the types of lettuce that are most consumed in our country and the dishes with which they best combine.

Lettuce is one of the most consumed foods in the world. It is the main ingredient of a good salad, although it can also be used in sandwiches, sandwiches and even in infusion. And although it sounds topical, it is an excellent ingredient that is included in many of the specialized weight loss diets due to its properties.

There are many types of lettuce that we can use, and each one varies not only in taste, texture and appearance, but also in the nutrients it provides and the benefits they have.

Within all the variety of lettuces that we can find when we go to the market or supermarket, we are going to see which are the most frequent and also the healthiest. Most of them can be found at any time of the year but it is preferable to consume the most typical of each season.

Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce, one of the most popular types of lettuce

It is one of the best known and can be found in any greengrocer. It is also very easy to recognize by its shape round, similar to a cabbage. It is native to North America and is said to be so named because it was transported on blocks of ice to markets.

It has quite large and round leaves, with a crisp and very refreshing texture. Its flavor is mild, ideal for preparing a wide variety of dishes such as burritos, sandwiches, burgers Y crispy salads like chicken caesar salad.

It is the lettuce that brings lower nutritional value and it keeps for many more days than other varieties.

Romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce

Also known as donkey ear, it is together with the iceberg, the most consumed in Spain and also one of the most cultivated in our country. It is typical of spring and summer.

It is characterized by its vigorous stem and its elongated leaves, robust, harder and crisp than those of other varieties. It has an intense green color and a slightly bitter taste.

Being one of the best sellers is more cheap. Contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals and is perfect for all kinds of saladsFor example the Waldorf salad. In addition, it keeps quite well for longer than other more tender leaf lettuces.

Batavia lettuce

Batavia lettuce in urban garden

Although there are different varieties in turn, one of them with darker red leaves at its outer end, it is usual to find it with green leaves clear, curly and meaty in texture, very crunchy. The center has a light green or yellowish green hue, and a slightly sweet taste.

When buying it, the ideal is to choose copies with a very white base, which is a sign of freshness.

With this type of lettuce you can make delicious salads or this gourmet hot dog.

Trocadero lettuce

It belongs to the variety of lettuce buttery and it is also known as french lettuce, since in France they have cultivated it for centuries. Its leaves are soft, pale green in color and have a mild flavor. Almost all of them are used. Its season is spring.

The texture adapts quite well to All kind of aliment, so it is a good option to combine almost with anything. Combines perfectly with light garnishes.

Oak Leaf Lettuce

Oak Leaf Lettuce

It is so called because its leaves resemble those of oak, they are strongly wavy and of a color that goes from green to garnet.

It is a tender lettuce with a subtle hazelnut taste, with a sweet touch. It is appreciated for its tender texture, perfect for combine with other varieties and with light vinaigrettes. Its best months are between March and June.

With this type of lettuce you can make a delicious and nutritious chickpea salad.

Lollo Rosa or Rosso lettuce

Lollo Rosso lettuce, one of the most attractive types of lettuce

It is Italian origin and it is one of the most appreciated in the kitchen for several reasons. The first, for its flavor slightly bitter, and the second, for its appearance. Its leaves are curly and have a striking reddish color, very decorative when making salads and other recipes.

The best time of year to consume it are the months after the summer.

Wonder Lettuce

It is very similar to romaine lettuce but its leaves are shorter and crunchier. It is characterized by the fact that the outer leaves are darker and thicker and the bud is white.

Radicchio lettuce

Radicchio lettuce

It is of Italian origin. In Spain it is not known by this name but as Chicory. Their sheets are completely red, except for the white nerves, and its flavor is bitter although it loses it when cooking.

Its best time in winter, from January to April, although it is grown and consumed throughout the year.

It has a high value in antioxidants, which makes it a good option to carry a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. Its shape helps it to be versatile in the kitchen, so it can be prepared both cooked and stewed. How about this avocado and quinoa salad?


There are two types, the curly and the french. They both have a spicy taste and slightly bitter, which enlivens the flavor of any salad and contrasts very well with other flavors and with strong vinaigrettes.

As the leaves are removed, their color lightens and their bitter taste diminishes. It is typical of the winter months and due to its properties, it is ideal for diets as it helps to do not retain fluids.

The escarole salad with pomegranate is very popular due to the contrast of flavors and the many benefits they provide.

Other types of lettuce


Canons in vegetable garden

These little leaves are a great source of iron. Its optimal season is during the winter months.

Canons marry very well with strong flavors and can be taken in salads or even in an avocado sandwich.

Tudela buds

It is a kind of very small lettuce but exquisite. Its leaves are light green, have a sweet taste and a crunchy but tender texture.

It can be used to prepare salads, although its most common presentation is cut in half or in quarters and accompanied by canned fish, such as these lettuce heads stuffed with anchovies or a salad of buds with mussels.

Endives or Endives

Both terms are accepted grammatically. They are eaten whole, sprouts included. These are usually yellow and white in color and their taste is bitter. The leaves are smooth, hard and with a characteristic flavor, sweet with a bitter background.

They have great versatility in the kitchen, since they can be used both in salads, cooked, as gratin. They combine very well with yogurt dressings or cheese, the walnuts and the Apple.

Although the endives that we usually eat come from the greenhouse, their best season is from autumn to spring.


Vegetarian pizza with arugula

The arugula is of mediterranean origin and its best time is summer.

They are elongated leaves with a bitter taste. Has many nutrients with low calories and gives a feeling of satiety, ideal for diets, and its high fiber content helps intestinal transit.

In our salad recipes you will find many of them with arugula, as well as many other types. We hope that after this article it will be easier for you to buy the seasonal lettuce that most interests you, depending on the dish you want to make.

What are the types of lettuce that you use the most at home? Tell us through the comments and also what is your favorite dish with lettuce.





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