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Hello Cocinacas! Surely you’ve ever heard the expression drink vermouth And you might even be one of those who never miss a date. Today we want to talk to you about this popular drink and the types that there are, so that the next time you order one or buy a bottle, you will know how to appreciate them according to the distinctive and common characteristics that each one of them have.

In addition to talking about the healthiest or most fashionable foods, we also like to include within this section the drinks, which are also part of our day to day. We give you the choice between cava or champagne, we delve into the multiple properties of kombucha or discover the so-called blue tea or oolong tea.

In the case of vermouth, it is not a new drink. Was the appetizer essential of the fifties and sixties, until beer and the appearance of other long drinks relegated it to use in cocktail bar. However, it has become fashionable again and it is once again customary to meet for drink vermouth, but literal.

This phrase is the one that reflects the very Spanish custom of drinking something -a beer, a glass of wine or, again, a glass of vermouth- accompanied by a tapa, on the weekends before lunch.

Next we will tell you what this drink really is and what are the types of vermouth that you can order or buy.

What really is this drink

Martini vermouth glass

Vermouth, also called vermouth or Vermouth, it’s a Herb-flavored liqueur, made from a base of good quality neutral wine, a touch of absinthe or absinthe and other bitter and tonic species. These names are derived from the German word wermut, which means absinthe.

The most remote origin of vermouth is found in the Classical era, already in ancient Greece they mixed and macerated wine with spices, drugs and aromatic plants to make medicinal concoctions. However, it was the physician Hippocrates who came up with the idea of ​​macerating wormwood flowers and dittany leaves in wine, inventing the vermouth composition.

In 1838, the Cora brothers industrialized the production process of this drink causing it to begin to be massively marketed. First in Italy and then in the rest of the world.

Types of vermouth

Dry Martini made with vermouth
Dry Martini


It is the most classic and also the most consumed and produced, especially in Spain. It is also known as vermouth rosso or even black vermouth.

It is characterized by being sweeter than the rest because it is added candy, it also gives it that color. Due to this it is also less bitter and dry than the other types of vermouth, accentuating the aromatic herbs and spices like cinnamon.

In Italy, its home country, red vermouth is spicier and tends to be a bit more bitter in the end.


This type of vermouth was an imitation that the French made of the Italian red vermouth, around the first decade of the 19th century.

The white vermouth It is sweeter than red, not because it contains more sugar, but because in its preparation some of the botanicals and bitter substances that are used in red are suppressed. In addition, it is the most consumed vermouth in the world, together with dry, and its flavor is dominated by citrus and the vanilla.


Also like dry vermouthIt is also of French origin and these are the largest producers worldwide.

It is very similar to white, with fruit aromas, and is used mainly in cocktails as a base to prepare famous cocktails such as Dry Martini, although it can also be used in the kitchen.

The main difference from white is that it is more bitter, despite the fact that large amounts of sugar are usually used in its preparation.


ANDs considered one of the most popular vermouths soft, in addition to being light, delicate Y sophisticated. It is also more fresh, so it is more palatable in summer. In its production, red wines are mixed with whites, achieving that pink tone.

At the moment it is the least consumed of all because it is the most unknown, although it is starting to become fashionable.

One of the best known vermouths is Noilly Prat, which is made in Marseille. Italy is also the cradle of vermouth, and there are produced brands as well known as Martini Y Cinzano. While in Spain the best known is Yzaguirre, although other brands are also consumed such as Dos Deus, Martínez Lacuesta, Petroni or Polish, among others.

Besides of bottling, it can also be served on tap, a very traditional system in bars and taverns. And when it comes to taking it, only with ice and an olive or with gasIt turns out to be the alcoholic beverage that best suits the aperitif, that is, to incite hunger and the desire to eat.

What is the vermouth that you like the most (brand or type)? Tell us through the comments and also if you have ever used this drink for cooking.

We hope that all this information has been interesting to you and that you enjoy it a lot the next time you go to have vermouth.


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